Thursday 12 March 2015

Lights Up, Carterton - Memory Club

Memory Clubs UK CIC

Lights Up - Memory Club UK, Carterton.

Chaos in Carterton
Improvised Radio Drama (Factual/Fiction)
Listen to Radio Drama Chaos in Carterton 

Written and performed by Lights Up Memory Club Carterton

Living Well with Dementia through the Arts Community Arts Workshop


The year is 1971, decimalization has been introduced, Middle of the Road charting with Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. Polly, a young struggling assistant on the Carterton Gazette, gets her first assignment. While trapped in a public house with local shoppers and market stallholders, she discovers a lot about the people and learns about their memories. From faggot making, joining the RAF, Saturday night dances, Jiving, Quickstep and seeing the all female Ivey Benson band in 1954, Polly comes away with a story that interests a well known Women's magazine.

Friday 10 May 2013

Lights Up - Memory Club Chipping Norton- Video & Radio Project

Working with ‘Lights Up’ memory group to produce a video about their club. Lights Up - Living well with dementia through the arts. Lights Up is a partnership of organizations co-ordinated by West Oxfordshire District Council. The final film was shown at The Theatre, Chipping Norton on 12th April.

Partnership and further information see links below:
Creative Dementia Arts Network 
Hospital Radio Cherwell


Tuning in


Lights Up - Radio drama 

 Hear Radio Drama made with Lights Up group

A Very Strange Journey
 Lights Up - Living well with dementia through the arts. The Chipping Norton Memory Club remember a time in post-war Britain before computers, when Buddy Holly was in the charts and you had to find a payphone to call a friend. The Lights Up group using their memories develop an improvised radio drama. Where they find themselves stuck, at Chipping Norton train station. The year is 1957 and a small landslide followed by sheep on the track. Causes the train from Banbury to Wales to run 1 hour late.

Broadcast Wednesday evenings throughout December 2013 at 10pm  as part of 
The Midweek Theatre on Hospital Radio Cherwell
Broadcast the week of the 23rd December on Witney Radio    
2014 the drama broadcast on:
Preston Hospital Radio
 Banbury Live - Community Radio
Newspaper write ups:

Sharon Woodward (workshop artists) 
The best improvised line ever,  I thought I was going to have to be physically removed from the room. After the Spy leaves the briefcase in the WC and the Police Officer becomes suspicious, the line is uttered, “Watch that man carefully and make sure he doesn’t go to the toilet”. 

Sharon can also be found here  WoodwardMedia Facebook page